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Webs was acquired some time ago by the Vistaprint brand, and long story short, on March 31*, 2021, this site will be defunct. Please update your bookmarks to my blog, where my BGM documentations and MOTHER Encyclopedia translations will now be found!

* I've received a notice that this deadline has been extended to June 30, 2021. So we have more time, but please still be prompt in updating your bookmarks!


Hi, they call me kenisu (yes, that's lowercase on purpose), and welcome to the realm of my own mind. Here you can get an idea of why I am... well, friggin' crazy.


JULY 20, 2016: Corrected all title cards from DragonBall and DragonBall Z, something I'd been meaning to do for quite some time. None of the title cards Kikuchi composed are actually on CD, despite what appearance the CDs give to make you believe otherwise. Also moved episodes 151-196 of DragonBall Z over to the overflow page to make room.

NOVEMBER 21, 2015: Corrected an "unknown" in DBZ episode 282 to "Piccolo Gets Blasted Backwards". Thanks, labba94, for alerting me!

NOVEMBER 19, 2015:  Made a couple of corrections to the DragonBall section: First, "Kame Sennin Rock" is actually a piece of stock music not by Kikuchi. It's the instrumental to a song called "Boogaloo" by Sammy Burdson and Jean-Claude Madonne. Secondly, the two instances of "The Big City" are also stock music, though I haven't found anything to identify it.

AUGUST 21, 2014: Added episode 117 to the DragonBall Kai section.

AUGUST 15, 2014: Added episodes 114, 115 and 116 to the DragonBall Kai section.

JULY 16, 2014: Added episode 113 to the DragonBall Kai section.

JULY 8, 2014: Added episode 112 to the DragonBall Kai section. Would anyone happen to have a recording of the sponsor music for this episode? The video I watched didn't have the sponsor clips, and I want to see if it was changed to match the ending song. EDIT: Puto on the Kanzenshuu forums helped me out. Thanks!!

JULY 2, 2014: Added episode 111 to the DragonBall Kai section.

JUNE 23, 2014: Added episode 110 to the DragonBall Kai section. Also corrected a snafu in a couple of earlier episodes: Apparently, "We've Got What We Came For" was "The Terrible Majin Boo" all along.

JUNE 16, 2014: The DragonBall Kai section now has episodes 108 and 109.

JUNE 5, 2014: What? You say I haven't listed an update in over three years? Don't be ridiculous. :P Anyway, a few things to mention: First off, I've started an ongoing documentation of the DragonBall Kai Majin Boo arc, starting with all 9 episodes that have aired so far. You can find that toward the bottom of the Kai subpage. My opinion of Norihito's Sumitomo's new score is... well, very mixed. The stuff that's good is pretty darn good, but the stuff that's bad makes elevator music sound like Jerry freaking Goldsmith. The next thing of note is that I've also familiarized myself with most of the Dr. Slump cues that get used in episodes 55 - 57 of the original DragonBall, and given them fan-names in accordance with how they're used in Dr. Slump Arale-chan (the series), or if they were originally composed for one of the five classic Slump movies... and to my surprise, it turns out that one cue is in fact available on that singular CD of Kikuchi's music for Slump! Finally, since it looks like I never brought it up here on the updates page, I launched a DuckTales BGM documentation well over a year ago. You know, Disney's DuckTales... Scrooge McDuck... Huey, Dewey and Louie... no, not the NES game... yes, I know, the Moon theme is really nice, but I'm talking about the 1980s cartoon series, which was scored by Ron Jones, and which still has yet to see the light of day on CD. That DuckTales.

MARCH 18, 2011: In case you're one of the few who visit the MOTHER Encyclopedia section of this site, I have something which may interest you. On the forums, I've posted excerpts from another translation project of mine, the MOTHER novel. So far, I've only got excerpts from chapters 1 and 2 up, but there'll be more to come!

MARCH 10, 2011: Well here's some real crazy-go-nuts news. Toei has finally acknowledged that Kenji Yamamoto's score for Kai contains numerous instances of plagiarism. Reports have come in from Japanese fans that local broadcasts of episodes have already had bits of score replaced with DBZ BGM, and that every previous episode will be spot-revamped. No final word yet on whether they'll replace Yamamoto's entire score with Kikuchi's, or just the offending tracks, but either way, it still means more work for me, and just when I was getting ready to bid Kai farewell, too. If it's any indication, Shunsuke Kikuchi is now listed on the official DragonBall Kai website as the composer, and the only one at that. I still plan on keeping the old Yamamoto episode charts, but time will decide on how this all plays out on this website.

MARCH 6, 2011: Added episode 95 to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section.

FEBRUARY 6, 2011: Added episode 92 to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section. There's a brand-new piece of BGM used when Gohan transforms, in place of "Spirit VS Spirit". It's unreleased, but maybe it'll be on OST IV? I've uploaded the soundbyte to YouTube, if you want to have a listen:

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010: Added the tracklisting for "DragonBall Kai Soundtrack III & Songs" to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section.

AUGUST 30, 2010: Added episode 70 to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section.

HOORAY! We finally have another handful of new instrumentals!!
Give them a listen in the following YouTube videos I've put up:
DragonBall Kai: New BGM and "Kokoro No Hane" Translation
DragonBall Kai: Android Saga BGM part 2
DragonBall Kai: Android Saga BGM part 3

MAY 10, 2010: Added episode 56 to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section.

MAY 02, 2010: Added episode 55 to the "DragonBall Kai BGM" section. NEW BGM!! YES!!!

MAR. 03, 2010: The rough draft in "DragonBall Z BGM 2" is COMPLETE! Episodes 197 through 291 and Special 3 are all up! This completes the DragonBall Z BGM Daizenshuu (until I revise everything).

ALSO: LONG-OVERDUE NEWS ("DBZ Movie BGM Overview", updated March 3, 2010): Apparently, a lot of BGM fans aren't aware that the laserdiscs from the DBZ movies were (somewhat) recently discovered to contain quasi-isolated music tracks. That means that kei17 and his brother, ThePetSounds (thanks to an audio donation from ballpen4), were able to take almost all of the unreleased music from the DBZ movies and put them up on YouTube for all to hear!! Give it a listen, they just recently put up the music from Movie 13, so now each movie's soundtrack is available!

ThePetSounds's channel - Go here for the unreleased scores from Movies 1 through 9 and 13, as well as other fun little goodies. [NOTICE: This channel is now defunct (the account was suspended). I could rant and rave about how this music was unreleased to begin with, so what on earth is the harm of having it up on YouTube?.... but I can't expect corporate bigwigs to understand this. However, thanks to labba94, you can get the mp3s here!]

ballpen4's channel - Go here for Movie 12's soundtrack.

I apologize for not bringing this up sooner - I had assumed the news was so widespread that everyone knew by now. But I guess we all know what "assuming" makes of a person...


NEWS (2/3/2010): I've made room for another page, so until I can get this weird mess sorted out, episodes 197 to the end are on a separate page, seen above as "DragonBall Z BGM 2".